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Hey just wanted to drop by this old house and picked up some mails. Thanks for those who are still sending me comments here at this address. Well, I’ve moved quite a while ago, and oh yeah, you are curious? Please follow me then at: 


Drop by and say HI—p.s. I’ve updated pretty frequently there!


[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @ www.ssshin.com


lace top, Urban Oufitters | flare pants, Urban Outfitters | bag, Deadly Ponies

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @ www.ssshin.com

Shin: Hey, I am gonna move to somewhere new.

You: We will miss you.

Shin: Well, no need to… here is where you can always find me within one click- www.ssshin.com

 You: Ah…okay…

本篇不是為了缺席而道歉, 而是要告訴你, 我親愛的觀眾, 你現在開始可以到www.ssshin.com, 接著看下去。當然, 你還是可以回到這個舊家來逛逛。

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @ www.ssshin.com

-special thanks to Marc Lin, great help with moving.

ready for the floor


Ready For the Floor by  Hot Chip

三十几度下冰雹, 乖乖。放首南无南无的电音佛经求心安。

drum loop


tie dyed shirt, vintage | shorts, Carin Wester @ Main Drug Music

噢, 想起那些练团乱玩的日子, 说只有某些人懂的inside joke, 还有超超厚的脸皮。小叶, 生日快乐转大人, 脱离少年维持的烦恼。

fan pier



dress, Urban Outfitters | sneakers, Nike @ ICA museum Boston

有产生一点幻觉, 宇宙爆裂。睡眠不足加舟车劳顿, 我算是又到了这里晃了一圈, 值得。

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