touch me gently…


最近我才意識到, 我有多討厭新同事C夫人(female, straight)有意無意地
“輕撫”我的背部。特別是在我們之間有關工作對話告一段落。還有幾次冷不防地摸我一把, 在我壓抑地表達不滿後, 她以”只是覺得你的衣服fabric很特別”的藉口收場。……comma, those are MY FABRICS on ME!!!!!!

當然這其中也包括她被FIRE的今天。我要先聲明, 她被炒魷魚並不是因為摸我, 跟我一點關係也沒有。不過, 說是這麼說, 我還是暗暗地讚賞她的識貨。

今天驅使她手養是, oversized stripe tee from Neal by Neal Sperling collection。這是Neal Sperling X Urban Outfitters的limited edition。延續Neal Sperling S/S08的cozy, basic, edgy的風格—
light weight CVC jersey, see through stripes, loose fit draped, oversized cutting, heather grey colors。是一件very summery的罩衫式良品。laid on my skin with a gentle touch, pressure free and 100% comfy。重點是我以$9.99於UO on sale section購入
(sold out@ $4.99 from UO online shop)。

still few price-cut items from this collection are available at UO’s, move ur ass/mouse!

good luck with shopping, and oh, good luck with C夫人, too…

neal sperling_1neal sperling_2
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