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除了狗臭屁, 還有就是 merry christmas.




that coat and that coat…

NO1.    Burberry Prorsum Waist Zip Wool Pea Coat

$2484.72 (sold out??)

lust over, 合身/正式/女強人/長短兩穿,魅力無法檔!

NO2.     Topshop Unique Faux Fur Coat

$510.00 (thinking to get it when $100) [EDIT just checked Topshop SOHO now this coat is down to $230, still a bunch left on the rack]

The only con is the stiff hand feel, the style is just so “ex-husband” which I am so into.

NO3.     從缺

NO4.     從缺

NO5.     從缺




噗疵,不要騙我了,你們這些虛偽的retail stores (UO, yes, I am calling your name),還有百貨公司 (Barneys, yes, I am also calling your name),還有online shopping sites (ASOS, yes, you, also);每天每天地發送聖誕節打折的最後通牒,誰信。

NO1.     80%20 Toggle Plaid Wedge $148

(now is $99 –> $? waiting for the price to drop)


NO2.    Robert Clergerie Wips Boot

$520 (now is $392, wondering how much can be the further cut-off)

So geeky ❤

NO3.     Acne Enduro Boot $649

($324.50, uh, not bad)

NO4.     Rodarte Over The Knee Boot

(from AW09, saw it @ Barney’s warehouse sale this year, was on sale for over $1000)

NO5.     Carin Wester Monroe Boot $322

(after coupon code purchased from UO)


對吧!? (above img are from UO, Creature of Comfort, Rodarte Runway)



沒有壯烈的犧牲,終於從 sample sales存活下來了(後記待續)!趁著節慶氣氛正濃,是否再添一個新包好過冬,也不至於負了老闆年終的慈祥……以下這些黑黑黑,真的令人食指大動。

NO.1     Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

$1595.00 (小的或中的,不知道為何喜歡,大概是被流行衝昏頭吧)











NO.2     Deadly Ponies Skeleton Bag

$441.00 (目前沒處可買?)


















NO.3     Issey Miyake Pleats Please Bilbao Tote

$395 (all time fav不知為何到現在還沒擁有)












NO.4     Celine Classic Box Bag

$**** (too貴to mention)











NO.5     Magiela Nappa Top Handle Leather Purse

$???(?) (因為我有matching necklace)












Knowing a bag can only be fit into a single sock, but try harder Santa!(all img credits are from their brand sites)

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