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[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @


lace top, Urban Oufitters | flare pants, Urban Outfitters | bag, Deadly Ponies

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @

Shin: Hey, I am gonna move to somewhere new.

You: We will miss you.

Shin: Well, no need to… here is where you can always find me within one click-

 You: Ah…okay…

本篇不是為了缺席而道歉, 而是要告訴你, 我親愛的觀眾, 你現在開始可以到, 接著看下去。當然, 你還是可以回到這個舊家來逛逛。

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @

-special thanks to Marc Lin, great help with moving.


excellent pork chop


@ Excellent Porkchop House

printed shirt, Zara

长周末行程之一, 到武昌排骨一游。睽违半年的乾面, 越嚼越好吃, 没回家的日子用这个解解馋, 也还行。



poster @ Village Yokocho | cap & dress, Urban Outfitters

Off to my fav shopping spot, always find something cost effectively. Then yakitori for dinner, composed a perfect Wednesday night.

eating mango


Orange heattech, Uniqlo | Olive hooded scarf, zero + maria cornejo | Green corduroy jeans, Wrangler | Fresh sliced mango, Trader Joe’s


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