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[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @


lace top, Urban Oufitters | flare pants, Urban Outfitters | bag, Deadly Ponies

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @

Shin: Hey, I am gonna move to somewhere new.

You: We will miss you.

Shin: Well, no need to… here is where you can always find me within one click-

 You: Ah…okay…

本篇不是為了缺席而道歉, 而是要告訴你, 我親愛的觀眾, 你現在開始可以到, 接著看下去。當然, 你還是可以回到這個舊家來逛逛。

[NOTICE] I moved, follow me fresh @

-special thanks to Marc Lin, great help with moving.

LA one day


Urban Outfitters S/S12,

video by Will Garthwaite and Will Cooper-Mitchell,

music by John Talabot

大玩色塊/景深/光影/節奏/硬漢/熱浪。阿, 衣服怎麼美國都沒有賣咧?

gone fabric gone


public shower, Ik Kil Cenote

Ok, summer is officially drawing near.

First, shirts off.  Next, ladies and gentleman, these Awang bathing suit!

beijing spirit


coat, 热水| sun glasses, Diane de Calo | knitted scarf, DIY

Not feel like talking today, share some spirit for now.



Summer Palace, Beijing

coat, 热水| sun glasses, Diane de Calo | knitted scarf, DIY


那天在颐和园巧遇皇上一家出游, 我二话不说拍照留念。还有, 发现了一个叫做 “热水” 的本土牌子, 很前卫的dropped shoulders, 感觉很有北欧那派类Henrik Vibskov的fu, 主标还是刻印章盖上去的, 合我胃口, 设计细节真是硬底子思绪活耀; 于是买了一件拖地中性长羊绒大衣, 还有另一件像桌布的秀服, 很满足。


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